These are the major features that we are considering to implement in the future.

If you have any comments or requests, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry function at the bottom right of the screen.

Currently in development

item Overview
Test management page performance improvements We are sequentially delivering performance improvement measures in areas such as the scenario details screen and the test result screen. If there are areas where you find particularly inconvenient, we would like to prioritize those areas so please contact our support team!
Improvement of “Review needed” We are improving the accuracy and ease of use by strengthening the AI’s judgment and reviewing the educational operation at the confirmation step.
Automatic retries for interrupted tests This has been released!
If there is a test that keeps getting interrupted, please contact our support team!
User Role For the right to change project-wide settings, the right to create scenarios, the right to execute schedules, and the right to view test results, we are working towards allowing each user to be assigned roles such as Admin and Viewer.
Allow “Data” values to be used within JS steps This has been released! The value set in “Data” and the value of another JS steps can now be set as an argument.
Improvement of Basic authentication Released. Wild cards can now be set.
Second step and beyond for the function to form steps into groups Allows you to group frequently used steps such as login operations so that they can be used in places other than the beginning of a scenario.
Email assertions Allows test automation of email authentication.
Drag and drop support Supports drag-and-drop recording.
Single sign-on support We are working towards making Autify support SAML for single sign-on (SSO).
Sorting various lists We will review various lists such as scenario list, schedule list, test result list, etc. to improve the information displayed on the list and enable filtering and sorting.
Tag function We are working to make it so that tags can be added to scenarios so that scenarios can be narrowed down by tags and tests can be executed for each tag.
UI/UX improvement of scenario editor We plan to make several improvements, such as making the insertion point easier to understand.
Download verification File upload is already supported, but file download will also be supported.

Currently under consideration

item Overview
Allow checking network logs and console logs Allows you to check the network log and console log during test execution.
Dead link detection  
Enhancement of “Data” function  
Enhanced selection of list items Currently, if you do not use the JS step, you cannot perform operations that specify the Nth item such as selecting the top item, but we will strengthen the validation related to the list, so that this can be performed without adding the JS step.
Comment step We will provide steps for commenting so that you can note what you are doing in each step of the scenario.
Switch test target URLs in bulk We will make it easier to test multiple environments, such as production and development, in the same scenario.
Faster Edge environment Prepare a self-made high-speed environment. (IE 11 has been released )
Mouse operations such as right-click and double-click