Points to note when creating scenarios

This section describes points to keep in mind when creating scenarios with Autify.

Points to note when recording scenarios

Autify replays the recorded operations during test execution, so there are some points to keep in mind when recording steps.

  • In the case of a scenario where the data is changed, the second execution will fail, so it is necessary to record the processing to restore the state. (Example: If you register as a user with the specified e-mail address, test execution will fail if you execute the same e-mail address)

Operations that are not currently supported by the scenario recorder

operation Response policy
You cannot pass machine access detection systems such as reCAPTCHA Not applicable
Operations within iframe / frame cannot be recorded Expected to be supported
The operation to select cancel at confirm, prompt cannot be recorded, and OK is always selected Not decided
Scenarios with alerts cannot be executed correctly on browsers other than Google Chrome and Firefox Planned
The text displayed in the alert cannot be asserted Not decided
You cannot record back / forward / reload operations in the browser Use the URL transition step
You can’t record the movement by hitting the URL directly Use the URL transition step
MouseOver / Out operations cannot be recorded Planned
When selecting option of select, label is used as a clue. Cannot select by value Not decided
Resize / move browser window cannot be recorded Not applicable
Drag and drop operations cannot be recorded Planned
File upload by drag and drop cannot be recorded Not decided
Clicks while holding Ctrl or Alt are recorded as normal clicks Not decided
The operation of the video element cannot be recorded Supported by JavaScript step
When inputting to input [type = “date”], the test may not work properly depending on the language setting Planned
Operations on xhtml pages cannot be recorded No plans to support