Release of Oct 12th, 2020

New features

Currently, we are implementing many functions in parallel on Autify. This includes email testing functionvisual regression function, the ability to sort on the Scenario List Page, the ability to set user privileges for each Project.

Email testing function

Email testing function is a function that makes it easy and efficient to test areas that relate to emails, such as the email authentication flow at user registration. We expect to release this function this fall! We are planning to offer this as a paid option, so please contact our support team if you are interested.

Visual regression function

This function detects visual changes and efficiently finds broken layouts. We are currently conducting interviews on how users would like to use the visual regression function to make it more convenient. If you are interested in the visual regression function and would like to participate in the interview, please contact our support team!

Switch assertion keywords on the Scenario Details Page

This is also a function that will be released in the near future! Previously, you had to re-record to change the assertion keyword, but with this new feature release, you will easily be able to change it on the Scenario Details Page.

change assertion keyword

How to get started video (English version)

This is not a function, but we have posted a video on how to get started with Autify in English! We hope this video will help non-Japanese speaking users to implement Autify seamlessly.

Functional improvements

  • Scenario List Page now displays screen size, last test run, date updated, who made the update.
  • Scenario Details Page now displays the total number of steps at the top.
  • If a Step Memo is set, you can check the beginning of the memo without opening the details of each step.
  • Improved image display processing of the Test Result Details Page.
  • Improved the display of the Test Result Details Page when verifying a character string with many characters.
  • Improved local replay processing.
  • Improved the stability of test execution.
  • Local replay and test execution are both supported in the input field of the payment system Stripe.
  • As previously communicated, continuing to support iOS 11 and 12 is difficult due to technical restrictions. We have improved the language explaining that the operation guarantee does not apply to these devices.
  • Improved the process of focusing the target element on the screenshot.
  • We are continuing to improve the recording and test execution stability for each user’s test target site.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Step Groups could not be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the delete step button (trash can icon) was hard to see.
  • Fixed an issue where local replays were prone to interruption under some conditions.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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