Release of Aug 20th, 2020

Important notice

Until now, we have guaranteed support for iOS 10 and 11, but due to technical restrictions it has became difficult to continue supporting them.

You can continue to run as before, but some operations are unstable. A known issue is that switching windows will fail on iOS 11 and earlier, but we do not plan to fix this issue due to technical difficulty.

Please refer to this article for a list of currently supported execution environments:

New features


You can now set up Webhooks for each project!



By setting up a Webhook, you can receive the content when a specific event is completed. Then, based on the received contents, it is possible to customize the notification contents of the test result and link with other services.

For details, please refer to the following documents:

Faster Edge & Chromium version of Edge

We have added the following execution environment in response to requests for speeding up Edge and requests for Chromium version of Edge!

  • Edge (Chromium) / Windows 10
  • Edge (Chromium) / Windows Server 2019

The Windows Server version is 3 to 5 times faster than the Windows 10 environment, and is subject to parallel execution settings, which is provided free of charge to all customers.

Conventional Edge will continue to run on Windows 10.

edge on windows 10

Please refer to the following articles for details on execution environments:

Functional improvements

  • The drawing speed of the entire site has been improved.
  • An icon is displayed for each environment so that the test execution environment can be easily identified.
  • Favicon of the site has been changed.
  • Improved the processing of “local replay” (playback function during additional recording).
  • Improved the test execution process.
  • Improved the “Review Needed” decision process.
  • It is now possible to reselect “Save as Passed” or “Save as Failed” in the “Review needed” step.
  • Improved the window switching process.
  • You can now see the results of the tests that have been interrupted.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tests that required a camera or microphone would fail in Chrome/Linux environments.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the text input field of the payment system Stripe.
  • Fixed the problem that the window size becomes 1024x768 when the test is executed in the Windows Server environment.

Other matters

  • Pricing page has been added to the corporate website!
    Please contact us from this page for inquiries regarding contracts.
  • Are you interested in the Email addresses at the bottom of the Webhook image?
    This is the email testing that will be released soon!
    By using this function, you will be able to perform email authentication at the time of registration and confirm that the email arrives after submitting an inquiry. We are planning to offer it as a paid option, so please contact our support team if you are interested.
  • FAQ storage has been moved.
    Autify Help Center
    Information such as the roadmap currently placed in the Autify User Guide will be gradually integrated.
  • Real Android environment has been added.
    • Pixel 4 (11.0)
  • Browsers have been updated.
    • Firefox 79
    • Chrome 84