Release of July 3rd, 2020

New features

Step headings and Memo

You can now set the Step name and Memo for each step!

memo on a step

“Click Element” and “Input” which used to be displayed as headings for each step are now “Action”.

  • If the “Step name” has not been set for the step:
    • Only “Action” are displayed.
  • If the “Step name” has been set for the step:
    • The “Step name” and “Action” are listed together.

For now, the “Step name” will be displayed only in the scenario details page (scenario editor). We are working towards displaying on the test result page.

Other matters

  • The corporate website has been renewed. In particular, there are plenty of tips on how to use Autify in the new Why Autify section. We are planning to add more wonderful case studies that you can refer to in the future.
  • Roadmap for Q3 has been updated.
  • A lot of explanation has been added to API Document. Please refer to them. A personal access token is required to execute the API. This can be issued from the setting page.