Release of Jun 20th, 2020

New features

JS step arguments

You can now set arguments for JS steps!

This improvement makes it easier to use the value set in “Data” and the value returned by other JS steps.

args on JSstep

Autify aims to be a service that makes test automation convenient and efficient with no code. At the same time, we also aim to be a service that is easy to use for those who can write code.

This new improvement has been implemented as a result of considering the feedback we have received so far!

Feel free to get in touch with any inquiries about test results, comments, requests, or general questions!


  • A real device with Android 10 has been added. It is available if you have a contract to execute on a mobile device.
    • androids
  • The recorder is now compatible with AMP.
  • Improved recording for iframes.
  • The password is masked on the test result screen.
  • Wildcards can now be used when setting Basic authentication.
  • Improved the notation to make it easier to distinguish between real mobile devices and emulators.
  • The handling of “confirmation required” has been improved.
  • Account will now be locked after a certain number of login failures.

Not all improvements are listed as we have made many small feature improvements🙇‍♀️

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where JS steps would fail if they contained tab characters.
  • Fixed an issue where tests to open and close new pages on iOS devices would fail. However, there are the following restrictions:
    • Due to technical restrictions, this is applicable to only iOS 12 or above. (It is unlikely that environments before iOS 11 will be supported)
    • Switching windows is not supported. If you need to switch, please contact our support team.
    • It is not supported when closed by JavaScript window.close(). Please close it using your browser’s close button. If you need to close it by JavaScript, please contact our support team.

Other matters

  • We are continuing to release podcasts.(Japanese only)
  • The browser has been updated.
    • Firefox 75 -> 77
    • Chrome 81 -> 83
  • Considerations when creating scenarios has been updated.
  • Roadmap will soon reflect the features we plan to launch in the second half of this year!