Release of May 20th, 2020

It has been a while since the previous release note😅

This is a summary of the releases since the last release note up to today.

New features

Applying step groups to existing scenarios

You can now apply step groups to existing scenarios!

change first step to a stepgroup

With this change, you can also change the scenario where the step group was selected at the time of creation to specify the URL.

We are still working on applying a step group to the middle and the end of the scenario, and we expect this feature will be available in the near future.

We appreciate your patience.

Test result screenshots are available for batch download

You can now download the screenshots taken at each step of the test in batch!

This function is provided as a paid option. If it is included in your contract, a text link has been added to the upper right corner of the test result details screen so please try it.

the link of evidence download

Image files are output in png format with the following file names:

download samples

The output files are not emphasized for the operation and verification target elements so that it can be used for various purposes such as “document recording test results” and “operation manual”.

Please contact us with suggestions and requests if you need other formats or if it’s more useful to have a process to emphasize elements.

Of course, we welcome inquiries about adding this function to your contract!

Faster IE 11

We have implemented in-house production of the IE 11 test environment!

This can be used if your contract is Basic Plan or higher or if you have added the cross-browser execution option to your contract.

For contracts that can execute this, a button has been added to the environment selection screen, making it easier to select.


If you are interested in this function, please contact us!

[How fast is it?]

When we ran the same scenario consisting of 25 steps in the existing IE 11/Windows 10 environment and the IE 11/Windows Server 2019 environment, results were 18 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively.

We cannot say how faster it is, since the content of the step and the condition of the site which is being tested will have an effect, but we have confirmed that it is

Approximately 3 to 10 times faster per step

Compared to the existing IE 11.

At the time of test execution, Autify launches a new environment to execute the test every time, and destroys it when the execution is completed.

Since the process before and after the test takes some time, you may not feel the effect when the scenario has only a small number of steps.

The more steps there are in the scenario, the more you will feel that it has sped up, so please try it!

Also, since it is subject to parallel execution setting, we are sure that you will experience the effect especially when there is a large number of tests!

[The difference between existing IE environment and new IE environment]

There is no difference in test execution between the existing Windows 10 version and the new Windows Server 2019 version.

Since the value of UserAgent is different, there may be a difference in the part where the processing or display is changed based on the value of UserAgent.


  • Improved processing of smartphone screenshot capture and focus.
  • Improved backend processing such as database.
  • Improved local replay processing.
  • Improved processing of the editor (scenario detail screen).

Not all improvements are listed as we have made many small feature improvements🙇‍♀️

Other matters