Release of Feb 17th, 2020

I couldn’t write release notes for a while, but Autify is evolving every day!

There are many recently released features and features that will be released soon.

New features

The first version of parallel execution (Chrome / Linux, up to 10 parallel)

Autify is working on parallel execution as part of faster test execution. As a first step, you can now run Chrome / Linux environment in parallel!

At present, the maximum number of parallels is 10.

To use the parallel execution function, you need to enable the setting.

By enabling parallel execution,

“Schedule B will fail if schedule A is not executed first”

Note that test scenarios that depend on the execution order may fail.

We will continue to support other environments such as IE and Edge.

Run mobile emulator

A mobile-sized test execution has been released!

Available for all plans.

The mobile execution function provided in the Pro plan or higher runs on the real devices, but the mobile emulator execution released this time uses the emulation mode of Chrome to execute.

The execution in emulator mode may differ from the execution on the actual machine, but the execution speed is blazingly fast.

Those who use the Basic plan or less but also those who use the Pro plan or more can be used in the use case where you want to execute quickly.

Please try it and let us know your feedback.

Local replay

When adding a recording to a scenario, this function automatically advances the operation to the point to be added!

With the release of this function, BASIC authentication, which had to be entered every time recording was performed, can now start recording without input them if it is configured in the setting.

The first version of Step Group

This is a release announcement.

It is a function that groups and manages multiple steps that are highly requested. As the first step, we will release the grouping of the beginning of the scenario soon.

The step groups are displayed as follows on the scenario screen.

Also, the input values included in the step group can be overwritten in each scenario.

At the time of this release, if you want to create a scenario using a step group, you must select it when recording.

In future releases

  • Apply a step group to an existing scenario
  • Add grouped steps to the end or middle of a scenario

We plan to enhance such functions.


  • Improved the stability of the recorder.
  • Made minor improvements to the element detection logic.
  • If you have a contract that includes a fixed IP address option, you can now check the IP address from the setting screen.
  • The color of the test execution button has been made easier to see.
  • Icons that indicate when a test is running and the results are dynamically updated based on the status of the test.
  • The setting screen has been improved and the project name can be changed.
  • Improved capture of screen capture and focus frame handling. Along with that, the range that is displayed in IE as well as other browsers has been captured. (Until now, IE capture was an entire window acquisition)

Also, although the followings wouldn’t appear directly,

  • Strengthen AI functions
  • Performance improvement of scenario detail screen and test result screen

we are improving the above every day.


  • The browser has been updated.

    • Chrome 79.0-> 80.0
    • Firefox 71.0-> 72.0
  • Now runs on iOS13 devices.
  • [Roadmap] (/roadmap) has been updated.